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The Top 3 Features Of A Multi-stop Route Planner That Can Transform Your Fleet Operations

The Top 3 Features of a Multi-stop Route Planner That Can Transform Your Fleet Operations

For fleet managers looking for a multi-stop route planner, there are three key the top 3 features / functions that have the most impact in positively transforming operations for small to mid-sized fleets. When looking to integrate a multi-stop route planner, please make these top 3 features & functions your highest priority so you can achieve maximum impact & productivity for your fleet.

Multi-stop Route Planner Priority Feature 1: Make Sure It’s Cloud-based

In this day and age, the ONLY multi-stop route planner a manager of a small to mid-sized fleet should be considering is a cloud-based solution. Also known as a SAAS (Software As A Service) model, this type of multi-stop route planner lives in the cloud, and you simply log in to your account to optimize routes using a computer and an Internet browser.

This cloud-based solutions offers tremendous benefits:

  • There’s no software you have to buy.
  • There’s no software you have periodically update or maintain.
  • A cloud-based route planner offers plenty of power, functionality & processing speed, and YOU don’t have to pay for all that because it’s centralized and operating in the cloud.

The Question to Ask Before Purchasing:

Is this a cloud-based solution?

Top Multi-stop Route Planner Priority Feature 2: TRUE Multi-stop Capabilities That Meet Your Needs

The marketing language for a lot of route planners says they have multi-stop capabilities. However, some of the multi-stop route planners claiming this only offer a limited amount of stops that can be processed for route optimization. After you hit the threshold of stops the route planner can handle, you are out of luck. A true multi-stop route planner will allow you to plug in and optimize as many stops as you need for your day of service calls, pick-ups, or deliveries, and for the various assets in your fleet.

For example, is a multi-stop route planner that costs just $25/month for up to 3 users. RouteSavvy can process HUNDREDS of stops, so it is one of the most affordable route planners on the market yet it also offers the robust capabilities needed to optimize routes for a busy small to mid-sized fleet of up to 100 vehicles.

The Question To Ask Before Purchasing:

What’s the maximum amount of stops this route planner can handle?

Top Multi-stop Route Planner Priority Feature 3: Advanced Features Like Segmentation & Territory Management

The whole purpose of deploying a route planner is to generate the most efficient routes, save money on fuel costs, save time & improve productivity that goes straight to the bottom line. The multi-stop route planner that can have the most significant & positive impact on your business or non-profit will offer the basic function of route optimization, plus more advanced options to render your routing ultra-efficient.

Some of the most helpful features that can really improve the efficiency & productivity of your small to mid-sized fleet include being able to segment routes and set territories. This adds the extra impetus to maximize routing efficiency.

The Question To Ask Before Purchasing:

Can this route planner segment routes by territory?

Deploying a multi-stop route planner is one of the most significant technologies you can deploy for a small to mid-sized fleet to improve operations and save money. But before you purchase, make sure you know the key features that must be offered by the route planner you’re considering.

Need more detailed information & insights before you purchase a multi-stop route planner? Check out the FREE RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Buying Guide.

Considering a multi-stop route planner for your business or organization? Check out RouteSavvy from USA-based OnTerra Systems. RouteSavvy costs just $25 a month for up to 3 users, and has been proven over the years to save thousands of dollars each year. Learn more about RouteSavvy at Or test drive this affordable, effective route planning software with our Free, 14-day Trial.