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FAQ on RouteSavvy Route Optimization Benefits, Tech Info & More!

Route optimization software has been on the market for more than a decade, but many fleet managers still don’t know about route optimization benefits, technology advances & more. That’s a shame because route optimization benefits can have a significant, positive impact on a fleet’s operations and profitability. With that in mind, the RouteSavvy team has prepared an FAQ on route optimization.

Route Optimization Basics

Let’s start with the basics, and then we’ll cover technology advances followed by route optimization benefits.

What Is Route Optimization? – Route optimization software tools like RouteSavvy help fleet managers plan the most efficient route. Fleet managers simply input multiple stops into the route optimization tool and the software will calculate the most efficient route over the course of the day.

What’s the Ideal Application for Route Optimization Software? – Route optimization software is ideal for fleets that make multiple stops in the course of their day. This can include businesses that make sales or service calls, and businesses & non-profits that conduct pick-ups and deliveries on a daily or weekly basis.

How Can My Drivers Obtain the Optimized Route? – RouteSavvy route optimization software first optimizes the route. Once the optimized route is ready, it can be emailed to drivers’ smartphones or tablets. The optimized route also can be printed out and given to drivers.

Does Route Optimization Give Turn-by-Turn Directions? – Route optimization software like RouteSavvy can be synched with turn-by-turn applications like Google Maps & Waze (the top 2 voice guidance technologies).

How Long Does It Take To Optimize a Route? – Once the information on the stops in a route has been entered into the system, depending on the number of stops it can take anywhere from 5-60 for the software to generate the optimized route.

Why Should I Consider Paid Route Optimization Vs. A Free Solution? – Free route optimization software often has serious limitations in what it can do. In some free offerings, you’ll find significant limitations in the number of stops you can optimize for a route. In other free offerings, there are significant limitations in features & functions. In most cases, free route optimization software does not offer any tech support.

Advances in Route Optimization

What Are the Most Significant Advances in Route Optimization Software? – One of the most significant advances in route optimization software is a function called “Predictive Traffic.” Predictive traffic functions are an added, more advanced layer of calculating the most efficient routes for small to mid-sized fleets. Specifically, predictive traffic functions calculate & generate an optimized route based on WHEN the route will be driven. This more advanced function will create efficient routes based on historical information of traffic jams. Predictive traffic is available in the RouteSavvy Application Program Interface.

Route Optimization Benefits

What Are The Benefits of Route Optimization Software? – Route optimization benefits are many & varied – with powerful, positive impacts on operations. Benefits of route optimization software includes more efficient routing, which results in:

  • Fewer miles driven
  • Reduced costs on fuel (which typically is 60% of a fleet’s operating expenses)
  • Less wear-and-tear on vehicles
  • Reduced labor costs because of less overtime work by drivers
  • Saves time for those planning the routes manually
  • Improved productivity (handle more deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls per day, per week, per month.

For those who don’t know about route optimization benefits, this practical, powerful technology can literally transform businesses using small to mid-sized fleets, improve profit margins, and facilitate exponential growth.

Interested in affordable route optimization software that can transform operations for the better? Try RouteSavvy’s Free 14-day Trial.