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RouteSavvy Introduces Free Route Planner Buying Guide

RouteSavvy Introduces Free Route Planner Buying Guide

If route planning software is on your wish list and you’re researching options, you’ll want to review the new Route Planner Buying Guide prepared by the folks at

Businesses with small to mid-sized fleets have different route planning software needs than huge companies like FedEx. Businesses and non-profits with small to mid-sized fleets need a route planner with the most important functions that yield the most bang for the buck, for saving time and money. They also need route planning software that’s affordable, easy-to-use, and which doesn’t involve a lot of tech time or maintenance. With that in mind, the RouteSavvy team has prepared a Route Planner Buying Guide to help businesses, non-profits, and individual sales professionals make informed buying decisions.

Highlights of Our Route Planner Buying Guide

This new route planner buying guide covers the most important information business owners and non-profit managers need to make the right purchasing decision. Here are highlights of what’s in this new guide with buying tips for route planning software:

  • Introduction to route planning software
  • What does route planning software do
  • Benefits of using route planning software
  • Industries that should be using route planning software
  • Route planning software buying tips
  • Highlights of RouteSavvy route planning software
  • Case studies on how much time and money RouteSavvy is saving its users

The bottom line is that route planning software is fast becoming a necessity for all businesses and non-profits with small to mid-sized fleets. If it’s designed and scaled for small to mid-sized fleets, the modest investment has been proven to consistently yield savings on fuel costs, overtime labor costs, and office staff time, too! Given that today’s route planners worth their salt are online (vs. being loaded on your office computers), this investment makes even more sense because there’s no software to load or maintain, and it’s super affordable. (For example, RouteSavvy costs less than $25/month for up to 3 users, and it typically yields saves of $5,000 per year and often much more.)

This new, free Route Planner Buying guide is available on Another option:  access the route planner buying guide directly.

“Access the route planner buying guide directly” links directly to the new page in the Knowledge Center built for the white paper.

Interested in learning more about RouteSavvy Route Planning Software for small to mid-sized fleets? Try our Free, 14-day Trial.