Add YourRouteSavvy User Guide – 3.5 – Working with Multiple Routes Text Here

Working with multiple route in RouteSavvy is useful if you want to create and maintain seperate routes e.g. multiple drivers, territories or days of the week.

To create additional routes select “New Route” from the “Routes” drop down list.

New Route will open a dialog prompting for a new route name or click Save to accept the auto generated name.

Once saved a new route is initialized ready to add stops for Optimize or Get Directions.

With two or more routes you can switch to a different route by selecting a route in the drop down or by clicking on a route polyline on the map.

Rollover a route and click to switch to the chosen route.

The Directions tab contains details only for the selected route. So if you want to use Print, Export or Mobile options switch route(s) and repeat Print, Export or Mobile actions.

If you have questions contact RouteSavvy Support.