RouteSavvy = Powerful Specialty Waste Route Planning Software

RouteSavvy Specialty Waste Route Planning Software is the ideal solution for businesses involved in the efficient pickup and / or delivery of specialty waste, such as restaurant cooking oil, and more. RouteSavvy route planning software also helps generate additional revenue because you can fit more deliveries, pick-ups, services calls & sales calls into each week, thanks to more efficient routing and less miles driven to get the job done.

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What Is Specialty Waste Route Planning Software?

Specialty waste route planning software is a practical, easy-to-use software tool that generates more efficient routes for the delivery and pick-up of portable toilets, private waste management services & more.

How Does Specialty Waste Route Planning Software Work?

RouteSavvy Specialty Waste Route Planning Software offers a simple, straightforward, 3-step process for generating the most efficient routes for deliveries, pick-ups, services & sales calls related to the specialty waste industry.

Step 1:

Upload the addresses of the day’s deliveries into RouteSavvy. (You can upload this information via an Excel or CSV file – or you can manually type in the data.) Organize the deliveries by territories or specific vehicles as needed.

Step 2:

Hit the “Optimize” button within the RouteSavvy interface. (RouteSavvy will then generate the most efficient delivery routes in a minute or two.)

Step 3:

Print the route to give to drivers, or Export the route to the driver’s smart phone or tablet – so the driver can get turn-by-turn directions related to the optimized delivery route.


RouteSavvy can locate deliveries & pickups by address, or by latitude-longitude coordinates. The lat-long coordinates are ideal for portable toilet deliveries & pickups – because porta-potties often are situated in locations that don’t have specific addresses (parks, campgrounds, construction sites, etc.).

Benefits of Specialty Waste Route Planning Software

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Increase revenue
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Improve profitability
Achieve immediate ROI
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Reduce fleet operating costs
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Reduce fuel costs
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Reduce overtime labor costs
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Maximize your fleet
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Retain your drivers
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Improve driver accountability
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Save time planning routes
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Increase customer satisfaction
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Reduce carbon footprint

Specialty Waste Route Planning Software Case Study

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RouteSavvy = Easy To Learn & Easy To Use

Easy to learn & use!

RouteSavvy is easy to learn & use!

Many customers say they learned to use RouteSavvy
in 15-20 minutes.

Free 1-on-1 Tutorials!

Free 1-on-1 Tutorials!

We also offer free one-on-one tutorials from our friendly
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