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5 Signs You Need A Route Planner for Your Business or Non-profit

Check out the 5 signs you need a route planner & learn about the factors that indicate that route planning software would benefit your business or non-profit.

When business or non-profit owners or managers are considering an investment in route planning software, there typically are a series of specific problems or pain point driving the investment. For owners & managers looking to make an informed decision about whether they truly need route planning software, there are specific indicators that confirm that routing software is needed.

5 Key Indicators That Your Business or Non-profit Needs Route Planning Software


Indicator 1: Your Fleet Operating Costs Are Skyrocketing

Between the up-and-down nature of fuel costs, and the additional costs of more miles driven to accommodate local home deliveries, many business & non-profits are seeing their fleet operating costs skyrocket. With fuel comprising 60% of a fleet’s operating costs each year, it’s more important than ever to deploy efficient routing. In many cases, fleet operating costs are increasing faster than business growth. This results in potential profits being drained away. If this is the case, route planning software tools like RouteSavvy can be a game-changer in reducing your fleet operating costs.

Indicator 2: You’re Losing Money on Local Home Deliveries of Your Products

Businesses that added local home delivery of their products often found that the costs of local home delivery caused them to LOSE money, instead of the intended result of increasing revenue. That’s because the cost of local home deliveries – including increased fuel consumption and labor costs – can really add up. Routing software helps make local home delivery financially feasible by lowering local delivery costs. Routing software generates more efficient routes, which lowers fuel consumption & fuel costs, and lowers overtime labor costs of commercial drivers.

Indicator 3: You’re Spending HOURS Planning Routes

If you’re spending hours planning routes manually, you’re losing valuable time that could be applied to other aspects of managing and growing your business or non-profit. That lost time can never be recovered. When you deploy route planning software, you can reduce the time you spend planning routes from hours to minutes.

Indicator 4: Your Commercial Drivers Are Quitting or Threatening To Quit

There’s been a worldwide shortage of qualified commercial drivers for decades. But it’s getting worse. If you want to retain your team of drivers, one of the actions you can take is to use route planning software. This not only reduces fuel costs. It also reduces the time drivers have to spend behind the wheel to get the deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls completed. Less time on the road typically means a happier driver, as well as reducing overtime labor costs. Route planning software contributes greatly to driver retention.

Indicator 5: You Have A Mandate or Goal of Reducing Carbon Emissions

Many companies & non-profits are now making reduction of their carbon footprint a priority. If this is the case, then route planning software can help environmentally oriented organizations reduce their carbon footprint. It’s common sense that reducing miles driven through more efficient routing reduces the fuel spend. It’s also common sense that reducing miles driven and the fuel spend also reduces a business’s or nonprofit’s carbon footprint.

If any of these 5 signs you need a route planner apply, then it’s a good bet that implementing route planning software into your operations should be a major priority. It’s affordable. It’s effective. It saves money. And it helps shoe-horn more deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, or sales call into a week – which helps improve profitability and increase revenue.

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