RouteSavvy Route Planning Software: One of the Best Ways To Reduce Your Fleet’s Carbon Footprint

These days, there are many reasons why companies with fleets are working on ways to reduce their fleet’s carbon footprint. Between increasing awareness of the effects of global warming, customers who value environmental stewardship, and management goals, the push to green up fleets is getting stronger every year.

Since the emissions from fleets comprise a good portion of a company’s carbon footprint, it’s no wonder why fleets are one of the first places companies look to reduce emissions. Many fleet managers have already started exploring ways to green their fleets. According to a longstanding research study, many fleet managers have reported that they are having a difficult time finding cost-effective ways to reduce emissions. And for the more expensive options to reduce emissions, it’s hard to justify the expenditure.

Route Planning Software: One of the Fastest, Most Cost-effective Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Ways To Reduce Your Fleet’s Carbon Footprint |

Greening up your fleet is as simple as reducing the miles your fleet drives. Reducing miles driven reduces fuel consumption which, correspondingly reduces emissions and reduces your carbon footprint. That’s where web-based route planning software tools come into play.

Web-based route planning software tools like RouteSavvy are affordable, fast and easy to deploy, and typically generate ROI within weeks.

So let’s look at how route planning software helps green your fleet, and how easy it is to deploy.

The best route planning software for small to mid-sized fleets is web-based and subscription-based. That means the software’s been developed, lives on a web server out in the cloud, and all you need to access it is a computer and an internet connection. Since it’s on the web, you don’t have to buy the software and download it. You simply pay a modest monthly fee, get a user name and password, log in, and start using the tool to optimize your routes and improve your operations.

What’s more, these route planning software tools are VERY affordable. RouteSavvy, for example, costs just $8 per month per user, or a total of $300 per year for up to 3 users.

When you calculate how much money RouteSavvy and other route planning tools save in fuel spend and labor costs, it usually pays for itself within 2 weeks!

Route Planning Software: The First Step In Greening Your Fleet

It’s a common (and wise) practice to pluck the “low-hanging fruit” first. It takes the least amount of effort for the best gain. Route planning software falls into the category of low-hanging fruit because it literally is one of the fastest, cheapest, and most obvious ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and green up your fleet.

If one of your goals as a fleet manager is to reduce emissions and green up your fleet, give RouteSavvy a try. Sign up for a Free 14-day Trial, and start saving money immediately, as well as immediately reducing your emissions.

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