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RouteSavvy Routing Software Features Highlight: Mobile Integration

RouteSavvy Routing Software Features Highlight: Mobile Integration

Often customers ask does RouteSavvy work on mobile devices? This depends on what you are trying to do. The RouteSavvy route planning software is designed to work on a desktop/laptop web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or FireFox so you can organize addresses and plan routes. This includes features like importing a spreadsheet of data, spliting into separate routes, optimizing etc. Route planning tasks like this are not well suited to mobile devices.

RouteSavvy has features to work with mobile devices once the routes have been planned. This includes exporting spreadsheet files, GPX files, and send to mobile.

  • If you want to export routes to Excel or CSV, these files can be used with other mobile navigation apps, reviewed on mobile devices.
  • GPX files are a format supported by most GPS navigation mobile devices e.g. Garmin. So you can export your RouteSavvy routes as GPX and then import them into your favorite GPS mobile device.
  • Send to mobile – This feature allows you to send any route directly to any mobile device. RouteSavvy packages up all the route details you choose and creates a mobile friendly link that you can email to a driver or send to yourself. Once the route is opened on a mobile device, then the user can choose Google Maps or Waze to start turn-by-turn navigation/voice guidance for each stop.

These are the steps to Send to Mobile.

  • After you have created a route, then choose the Directions tab and the Send to Mobile button. You can add notes, choose the map size (small is good for a mobile device) and large is good for a tablet user. You can also choose number of stops per map and other route/stop data to include/exclude.
  • You will then be provided a link to the mobile route, you can email it to yourself or your driver.
  • From the mobile device, click on the link or copy/paste. You will be shown a map and list of all the stops and stop data.
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  • You can choose Google, Bing or Waze to do navigation. Waze seems to be the best on most devices after you install the Waze app.

For more information, contact the RouteSavvy team, or try the free 14-day trial.