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RouteSavvy Route Planning Software: A Home Delivery Routing Tool That’s Free Through Jan. 15, 2021

While the new home delivery economy is being driven by the pandemic, the ability to easily shift to local home deliveries to survive the pandemic requires a home delivery routing tool like RouteSavvy.

RouteSavvy route planning software is an affordable tool (just $300 a year) that helps businesses to save thousands of dollars on fuel costs, maintenance costs & labor costs associated with gearing up a delivery service. ANY business making the transition to local home delivery to stay afloat in this pandemic must deploy route planning software to keep the costs of deliveries down. If it’s not deployed correctly, businesses making the shift to home deliveries can really ramp up operational expenses. Route planning software like RouteSavvy helps prevent this.

RouteSavvy Home Delivery Routing Tool Free Through Jan. 15, 2021

The good news is that RouteSavvy is FREE to businesses needing a route planning software solution through Jan. 15, 2021.

This free offer helps businesses make the transition to local home delivery of their products, and then helps them save precious cash that can be used to keep the company going.

Independent retail business owners gearing up a delivery business may sign up for the free trial of RouteSavvy. Those signing up for the free offer will get full use of RouteSavvy at no charge through Jan. 15, 2021 after they have completed a free, half-hour, one-on-one tutorial with a friendly, U.S.-based RouteSavvy customer support specialist. Those who sign up for the Free 14-day trial will be contacted by a RouteSavvy customer support representative to both confirm they want the free offer and to set up a time for their free tutorial. The RouteSavvy Free Trial link is: https://www.routesavvy.com/routesavvy-free-trial/

The number one tool that will help businesses cost effectively transition to local home delivery of their products is route planning software like RouteSavvy. This free offer will help businesses keep the costs of a delivery service reduced, saving money that can be used to keep the business going for the long term.

Want to try RouteSavvy’s full functionality for free? Sign up for a free trial, a free tutorial, and let RouteSavvy start saving your business money as it gears up home delivery of products or services.

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