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How RouteSavvy Lowers Delivery Costs As A Powerful Home Delivery Software Tool

When Covid lockdowns occurred, the demand for local home delivery of everything from groceries to wine skyrocketed – and that created a need for a home delivery software tool that lowered the added costs of delivering goods to consumer’s doorsteps.

During that time, RouteSavvy emerged as the home delivery software tool of choice for many reasons:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • A great “jump-start” tech support program to learn how to use RouteSavvy with free, one-on-one tutorials with a RouteSavvy customer service representative

Local Home Delivery of Goods Is Here To Stay

As we fast forward to 3 years after the initial start of Covid, consumer research indicates that local home delivery is here to stay.

According to IBIS World, a global industry research firm, local delivery services and courier services have had an annualized growth rate of 6.5% from 2018-2023 – with local delivery services expected to increase another 3.7% in 2023.

Now that consumers have had a taste of local home deliveries, they want more home delivery, not less, in a post-Covid world.

Many Businesses & Nonprofits Are Not Equipped for Local Home Delivery

Despite the increasing demand for local home delivery from consumers, many businesses and non-profits are not equipped to meet this need. A 2022 study by the CMO Council and the Business Performance Innovation Network found that just 3% of retailers and consumer products companies that were surveyed can meet customer demand for fast home delivery of products. Key reasons for this dismally low percentage of readiness include:

  • Outdated supply and delivery chains
  • A lack of order fulfillment centers
  • The high capital costs of resolving this problem

As a result, many businesses have turned to expensive, third-party delivery companies, which has caused many businesses & non-profits to lose money, despite increased revenue.

For those companies and nonprofits reeling at the high costs of third-party delivery companies, RouteSavvy emerges as a home delivery software tool that makes it feasible for businesses to deploy local home delivery services themselves. RouteSavvy is affordable, easy-to-use home delivery routing software designed specifically for the needs of small businesses involved in deliveries, pick-ups, service calls & sales calls.

How Does RouteSavvy Facilitate Businesses & Nonprofits Handling Their Own Deliveries?

RouteSavvy helps businesses & nonprofits set up their own delivery service. The double benefits of this are saving money and lowering delivery costs, while simultaneously increasing revenue. RouteSavvy is easy-to-use routing software that any business owner or manager can learn to use. RouteSavvy can generate more efficient routes in two ways: the shortest distance (the most efficient route which reduces miles driven) and the fastest time (generates the fastest route for the day’s deliveries.)

As a result, RouteSavvy saves money on gas & labor costs. It also typically allows businesses to shoe-horn more deliveries into the schedule each week – which increases sales & revenue.

How To Develop An Efficient Delivery Program

Step 1: Set up an order system where customers must place an order at least a day in advance so you know how many deliveries need to be completed each day.

Step 2: Plug the addresses into RouteSavvy, and let the software generate the most efficient route based on miles driven or the fastest time. Export the route to your delivery driver.

Step 3: Load up the delivery vehicle and drive a mileage-efficient and time-efficient route to handle the day’s deliveries.

Step 4: Use RouteSavvy’s delivery management functions to better manage the process, including signature capture from the customer, and/or photo capture to prove the items were delivered.

Step 5: Run a cost comparison between the cost of using RouteSavvy for your own delivery program compared to the costs of a third-party delivery service. You’ll be pleased to see how much money and time you save by delivering goods yourself.

While it will take a bit of planning time to organize and set up your own, in-house delivery program, it’s well worth the effort. RouteSavvy helps reduce the cost of local product deliveries, as well as allowing for business expansion and increased revenue.

If you’re turning to home deliveries to meet consumer demand & enhance your business, give RouteSavvy a try. It’s the most powerful, affordable, easy-to-use home delivery software tool on the market today.

Want to take RouteSavvy for a test drive? Try our free, 14-day trial.

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