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How To Lower Fleet Maintenance Costs With RouteSavvy Route Planning Software

It stands to reason that fleet managers who take actions to lower fleet maintenance costs help productivity, growth, and the bottom line of their business or nonprofit. While there are many common strategies to help reduce fleet maintenance costs, the strategy of deploying route planning software tools such as RouteSavvy are sometimes overlooked. This is a big mistake – as the use of route planning software can help reduce fleet maintenance costs, particularly those tied to mileage.

Fleet Maintenance Costs Are A Significant Expenditure Over the Life of a Vehicle

There are many fleet maintenance costs tied to mileage. The cost of all these fleet replacement activities tied to mileage can really add up and put a dent in the bank account. Typical fleet maintenance activities related to mileage thresholds include:
• Oil changes
• Fuel filter replacement
• Cooling system flush and fill
• Tire rotation
• Tire replacement
• Spark plug replacement.
• Belt, valve & hose replacement
• Oxygen sensor replacement
• Timing chain replacement
• Suspension system replacement (shocks & struts)
• Brake replacement
• Fuel injector cleaning

How RouteSavvy Helps Lower Fleet Maintenance Costs

RouteSavvy route planning software is an affordable, effective strategy for reducing the cost of fleet maintenance. Here’s how:

Route optimization software allows users to upload addresses for the day’s deliveries, pickups, service calls, or sales calls, and the software will then generate the most efficient route. More efficient routing equates to less miles driven per day, per week, per month, per year.

By having each fleet vehicle drive less miles per year to get the job done, it lowers the frequency of fleet maintenance tasks that are tied to mileage thresholds. In even simpler terms, you need less oil changes per year. You can go longer before you have to rotate and/or replace your tires. Your brakes can last longer. You can wait longer to replace belts, hoses, oxygen sensors and the like. Vehicles last longer due to less wear and tear.

In addition, it’s often the case that a business or non-profit can actually sell one fleet vehicle because they can get the job done with fewer vehicles, thanks to more efficient routing.

An Example of Monies That Can Be Saved on Fleet Maintenance From More Efficient Routing

Let’s take the example of a medium-duty box truck, and then look at savings that can be achieved. Specs would include:
Truck Size: Up to 22 feet long
Truck Weight Capacity: Between 3,000-4,500 pounds of good
Truck Cubic Feet: Between 650-850 cubic feet

Sample pricing for medium-duty truck maintenance:
Cost of Truck Oil Change: $150 (on the low end just for oil change and fuel filter)
Cost of Truck Tire Replacement: $1,000-$1,500 (depending on the tire size)
Cost of Truck Cooling System Flush and Fill: $200
Cost of Brake Replacement: $800-$1,400

These are just a few items on the fleet vehicle maintenance list that are tied to mileage thresholds. If you use a routing software tool like RouteSavvy and reduce the miles driven, these costs are lowered. For example, you might need 1 less oil change per year for your work truck. You might be able to wait another six months before you have to replace the tires. Your brakes will last longer.

So, routing software will both help reduce fleet maintenance costs, and also helps to defer fleet maintenance costs. All this can contribute to a stronger bottom line – and for a modest monthly investment in RouteSavvy. Click or tap HERE for RouteSavvy pricing.

Let’s also remember that more efficient routing that generates less miles driven means your fuel costs go down as well. Given that fuel costs are typically 60% of a fleet’s operating budget, the investment in route planning software typically pays for itself in a very short period of time.

Looking to lower fleet maintenance costs? Take RouteSavvy for a test drive with our free, 14-day trial.

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