Hand Holding The Earth | How To Achieve Sustainability Program Goals with RouteSavvy

How RouteSavvy Helps Businesses & Nonprofits Reach Sustainability Program Goals

Since April is the month in which Earth Day is celebrated, it’s appropriate timing to cover how RouteSavvy route optimization software helps businesses & nonprofits achieve their sustainability program goals.

What Is A Sustainability Program?

A sustainability program is a program designed to mitigate the organization’s negative effect on the planet. Sustainability programs start with the development of a sustainability action plan that outlines the actions your business or nonprofit will take to achieve sustainability goals. The 10 steps that comprise development of an ongoing sustainability program include:
1) A “green” mission statement
2) Creation of a “green team” that includes management & employees who will be responsible for developing and deploying a sustainability program.
3) Conduct an eco-assessment that addresses the company’s consumption of energy & water; waste generation; products & packaging; impact on the environment, and more.
4) Develop a sustainability plan that’s designed to make the organization more eco-friendly in its operations.
5) Choose the specific sustainability initiatives that will be pursued to lower the organization’s negative environmental impacts.
6) Introduce and explain the targeted sustainability initiatives to employees.
7) Also communicate the sustainability goals & plans to stakeholders, such as stock holders and investors.
8) Set accountability targets to measure the progress of the sustainability program.
9) Communicate & celebrate sustainability program successes along the way.
10) Pursue sustainability certifications as they exist within your specific industry, and then promote your certifications to employees, investors, and the media.

How Does RouteSavvy Contribute To Achieving Sustainability Program Goals?

Along with its many benefits in lowering operational costs and increasing revenue, RouteSavvy route planning software helps any business operating a fleet of vehicles to lower its carbon emissions & its carbon footprint, thanks to more efficient routes.

In the simplest of terms, RouteSavvy generates more efficient routes for deliveries, pickups, service calls & sales calls. More efficient routing means less miles are driven to get the jobs done each week, each month, each year.

When you drive fewer miles, your business or nonprofit can achieve a variety of sustainability goals. The main sustainability goal that’s achieved is less carbons emissions from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles:
1) When less fuel is consumed, less carbon emissions are generated by the organization. That alone helps a company achieve significant gains in its sustainability program.

For management teams that have transitioned their organizations away from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, there are still environmental gains that contribute to the success of eco-friendly initiatives. They’re just not as obvious as saving money on the fleet fuel cost and reducing emissions from burning fewer fossil fuels. Less miles driven still saves money for electric fleets by reducing fleet maintenance costs tied to mileage. For example, when you drive less miles with an electric fleet, it extends the length of time between oil and belt changes, tire replacement, and other fleet maintenance activities tied to mileage thresholds.

RouteSavvy Makes Your Business or Nonprofit More Eco-Friendly

RouteSavvy route planning software is the Earth’s best friend, and a business or nonprofit’s best friend. It helps reduce emissions by reducing miles driven and lowering fuel costs. RouteSavvy reduces vehicle wear-and-tear, and the software also extends the life of your fleet vehicles. It helps shoe-horn more deliveries, pickups, service calls, or sales calls into each week – which can bring in more revenue. During “Earth Day Month,” you can take positive action to help the planet, and the organization’s bottom line, with a modest monthly investment in RouteSavvy route planning software.

Looking for affordable ways to achieve sustainability program goals? Take RouteSavvy for a test drive with our free, 14-day trial.

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