August Focus on customer satisfaction from Route Planning Software

When you’re in the business of deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls, smart owners and fleet managers want to know how to improve customer satisfaction. And the answer is simple: on-time arrival for deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls.

In August, we’ll focus on how to improve customer satisfaction using affordable, web-based route planning software like RouteSavvy.

RouteSavvy Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction

Unless you’re independently wealthy, most folks simply do not have time to wait around their home any longer than necessary, waiting for a delivery of a large appliance, a pick-up of furniture for donation, or a service call to fix that faulty electrical outlet or leaky faucet.

When you use affordable route planning software like RouteSavvy, it results in more efficient routing, and a better chance of hitting your stated arrival time.

Common sense dictates: On-time arrivals equal happy customers.

When thinking about how to improve customer satisfaction, most people think of doing customer surveys. And the answers are usually the same for delivery, pick-up, and service businesses: “Don’t keep me waiting and get here when you SAY you’ll get here.”

Route Planning Software helps your delivery, pick-up, or service call team do a better job of arriving on time because of more efficient routing. Not only do your delivery vehicles waste less time on the road, but the folks back at headquarters in charge of planning the routes spend less time on that task as well.

Customer Satisfaction Statistics You Need To Know

Consider the following statistics about customer satisfaction:

  • Only 4% of customers tend to voice their complaints. The other 96% may not be happy but they don’t bother to tell you about it. – “Understanding Customers,” by Ruby Newell-Legner
  • It is 6-7 times more expensive to go get a new customer vs. keeping the existing customer. – White House Office of Consumer Affairs
  • In 2011, seven out of ten customers said they’d be willing to spend more with companies that provide great customer service. – American Express Survey
  • 16% of customers said they’d take their business elsewhere after a bad delivery experience – Industry Week

Given these findings, it’s critically important to make sure that the timeliness of your delivery, pick-up, or service calls (or lack thereoff) doesn’t generate angry customers. For the affordable cost of $300 a year, route planning software emerges as an affordable effective tool for how to improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about RouteSavvy. Better yet, try it! Check out our Free, 14-day Trial.

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