OnTerra Systems Introduces RouteSavvy™ 1.5 – A New Version of its Route Planning Software

RouteSavvy 1.5 offers significantly more functionality at no additional cost, and offers more features that make it an ideal alternative to Microsoft’s MapPoint

DENVER, Colo., April 27, 2015 – OnTerra Systems (, a technology leader in Web mapping, route optimization, and Bing Maps licensing and services, today introduced RouteSavvy™ 1.5 – a new version of its powerful, easy-to-use, web-based route planning software for small and mid-sized business fleets and business professionals who drive to multiple destinations for their work, and those seeking a new route optimization tool as an alternative to Microsoft’s MapPoint and Streets & Trips software.  RouteSavvy is based on advanced route optimization algorithms from OnTerra and Bing Maps’ Web mapping technology.

RouteSavvy™ 1.5 offers more functionality at no additional cost, and it also now incorporates more features from MapPoint, making it even easier to transition from MapPoint and Streets & Trips software to RouteSavvy™.

RouteSavvy requires no programming skills, or hardware or software installation and maintenance.  Instead, as a web-based route planning tool, all that’s needed is a computer or tablet and an internet connection to start organizing and optimizing routes.

For more information, or to sign up for RouteSavvy, visit:

RouteSavvy™ Is A Fast, Easy-to-use Route Planner

RouteSavvy™ allows users to input multiple locations, organize locations, create efficient and optimized routes for deliveries, service or sales calls, get directions, and allows easy printing or export of information for field use. RouteSavvy™ optimizes routes in seconds.

New RouteSavvy 1.5 functions include:

  • Additional shapes for defining, creating, and querying territories:  Polygon shapes are now available in addition to circles & rectangles, plus users now can add, edit, query, and save data captured within defined areas of these shapes. This updated functionality allows for better manipulation of data, as well as visualization of areas and territories.
  • Show Notes Function:  When clicking on a customer location on the map or defined area on the map, personal and business notes about the customer will appear.  This provides additional relationship-building information available at a glance when calling on customers. These notes can now be shown in directions and data exports.
  • Move Locations Function:  This new function allows users to change and correct an address when the address has been inputted incorrectly or if the geocoding of the address is not correct. In addition to click-and-drag functionality to more accurately position a customer location on a map, users can actually pull in an aerial image of the actual location, click on it, and update their location.  This is a particularly useful function when the mapping technology takes a driver to a complex but does not identify a specific building within a complex.
  • Multiple Box Views:  This function will be familiar to MapPoint users.  OnTerra Systems has replicated this function from MapPoint into RouteSavvy™ 1.5.  This function allows users to pull up multiple customer dialog boxes.  This at-a-glance look at multiple customers allows RouteSavvy™ users to easily compare information of multiple customers on the same screen.

RouteSavvy™: An Affordable, Effective Replacement For Microsoft MapPoint

RouteSavvy™ was introduced to provide MapPoint and Streets & Trips users with an affordable, high-performing MapPoint alternative.  RouteSavvy’s user interface looks, feels, and functions similar to MapPoint so there’s little to no time needed to learn to use RouteSavvy™ route optimization software.

RouteSavvy™ – Affordable Route Optimization Software With Immediate ROI

RouteSavvy is affordable, starting at just $300 per year for up to 3 users. OnTerra offers volume discounts for more users. Route Savvy™ helps companies save time and money immediately upon its deployment.  Benefits include:

  • Reduces the time spent planning routes and the time spent driving them
  • Reduces the miles driven every day, every week, every month
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Reduces over-time for fleet drivers
  • Improves customer satisfaction

“RouteSavvy™ 1.5 offers much more functionality for the same price, and the new functions match popular functions offered in MapPoint,” said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president. “This latest version reflects OnTerra’s commitment to create affordable, effective route planning products that help companies save money, improve profitability, and enhance their customer’s satisfaction.”

About OnTerra Systems

Founded in 2005, OnTerra Systems is a leading software company that provides Web Mapping services and products, route planning and route optimization products, and Bing Maps integration products and licensing.  OnTerra Systems provides these products and services to businesses, non-profits, government, and research organizations that need route optimization and map-based visualizations of data.  OnTerra Systems has thousands of customers, and is a long-time Microsoft partner.  OnTerra can be reached at: or 720.836.7201.

Courtney DeWinter, DeWinter Marketing & PR Agency – Denver, Colo.

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