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Are You Still Using MapPoint? RouteSavvy Has Better Map Data That Is Updated Regularly.

Are you still using MapPoint? RouteSavvy has better map data that is updated regularly.

It is well known that MapPoint and Streets & Trips products were discontinued by Microsoft. If you are still using these products consider RouteSavvy which has regularly updated map data.

MapPoint 2013 was the last version of MapPoint released by Microsoft and this product was discontinued on December 31st 2014. Also support ended for MapPoint on July 14th 2015. The reality is the map data in MapPoint is from around 2011 and cannot be updated. As a result, the map data in MapPoint is getting more and more out of date which will effect mapping and routing tasks.

Here are some comparisons between MapPoint and RouteSavvy map data.

MapPoint 2013


MapPoint 2013


RouteSavvy map data gets updated approximately every 90 days. You don’t have to do anything to get the map updates, they automatically get updated as you use RouteSavvy.

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