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Three Reasons Why A Delivery Route Planner Is A Must For Your Food, Beverage, Or Perishable Products Business

Three Reasons Why A Delivery Route Planner Is a Must for Your Food, Beverage, or Perishable Products Business

For businesses & organizations involved in delivering food, beverages, or perishable products, a delivery route planner is a MUST.

While repeat customers are more predictable, you still can’t predict when they will order products. As a result, the routes your delivery staff drive will vary from day to day, and week to week.

When delivery routes vary daily, weekly & monthly, that’s when a delivery route planner becomes a critical tool that improves your operations, and saves money.

Why Delivery Businesses with Perishable Products Should Be Using a Delivery Route Planner

Deliver Fresher Products – When you use a delivery route planner to deliver items like groceries, fresh produce, chocolate, chilled beverages, or other perishable goods, it results in delivering a product that’s fresher, more delicious, retains more nutrients, and leads to higher customer satisfaction. Logic dictates that the faster you can delivery perishable products, there’s less time for the product to age and lose quality.

Deliver More Products – The main purpose of a delivery route planner is to create more efficient routing for your fleet of delivery vehicles. There are many benefits from routing your fleet more efficiently. One key benefit of more efficient routing is the ability to shoe-horn more deliveries into each day. As your fleet drives more efficient routes and reduces the miles driven, it typically reduces drive time as well. This allows the route planners back at the office to add more deliveries to the schedule.

Reduces Operating Costs – There are 2 key ways that a delivery route planner reduces operating costs:

  • Reduced Fuel Costs – It’s common knowledge that fuel costs are 60% of a fleet’s operating costs. When you reduce miles driven, you reduce your fuel costs.
  • Reduced Overtime Labor Costs – When routes are more efficient, delivery drivers can accomplish more deliveries in the course of a normal day, and spend less time delivering products after hours.

By reducing these costs with a minimal investment in a delivery route planner like RouteSavvy ($25/month for up to 3 users), companies & organizations involved in any deliveries or pick-ups can save thousands of dollars that go straight to the bottom line.

An affordable, cloud-based delivery route planner is a must for any business or organization involved in deliveries. When you’re in the business of delivering any type of perishable goods, a route planner is even more important.

Considering a delivery route planner for your business or organization? Check out RouteSavvy from USA-based OnTerra Systems. RouteSavvy costs just $25 a month for up to 3 users, and has been proven over the years to save thousands of dollars each year. Learn more about RouteSavvy at Or test drive this affordable, effective route planning software with our Free, 14-day Trial.