How To Lower Fleet Emissions with RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software

April has been hosting Earth Day since 1970 – so it’s appropriate that we cover how to lower a fleet’s carbon footprint this month. Managers of small to mid-sized fleets often want to know how to lower fleet emissions despite having limited budgets and/or tight margins.

Given the dire statistics about CO2 levels in the atmosphere and the harmful effects of climate change, there’s never been a better time to invest in affordable route optimization software. It’s good for the planet. And it’s good for your bottom line & profitability, in good times and times of economic hardship.

When You Use RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software, You Can Significantly Reduce Your Fleet’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to the EPA, the transportation sector (cars, light trucks & heavy trucks) are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Did You Know: Cars, light trucks & heavy trucks account for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.


This is why it’s so important for managers of small to mid-sized fleets to do their part to lower fleet emissions.

The question typically is: How to lower fleet emissions without breaking the bank?

The answer is: Affordable route optimization software tools like RouteSavvy.

How RouteSavvy Helps Lower Fleet Emissions

In simple terms, RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software helps lower fleet emissions because it generates more efficient routing.

More efficient routing for deliveries, pickups, and service calls results in fewer miles driven.

Fewer miles driven = less fuel burned.

As a result, route optimization software tools like RouteSavvy are a classic affordable, effective strategy for how to lower fleet emissions.

How Does RouteSavvy Help Reduce My Fleet’s Carbon Footprint?

Route optimization software tools like RouteSavvy help reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint multiple ways:

More Efficient Routing

First, the route optimization portion of RouteSavvy (the flagship product) automatically generates more efficient routes for those involved in service calls, pick-ups, deliveries & sales calls. The day that you deploy RouteSavvy is the day you start saving money on your fuel spend, and a host of other fleet operating expenses. Let’s also remember that the cost of fuel comprises 60% of a fleet’s operating budget each year – so the monetary savings are considerable, as well as lowering a fleet’s carbon footprint.

Reduced Mileage & Fuel Consumption From Non-Business Use of Fleet Vehicles

Second, RouteSavvy offers an add-on product: innovative fleet tracking using a driver’s cell phone. When fleet managers also utilize the RouteSavvy Fleet Tracker, they save even more on fuel consumption. Multiple research studies confirm that, when drivers know they are being tracked, they are much less likely to use a fleet vehicle for personal use or a side errand. That, too, helps reduce miles driven – which can green up your fleet.

If You Want To Help The Planet, The Time To Implement RouteSavvy is NOW

The number don’t lie. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is up to 413 parts per million. The temperature of the whole planet has increased 1.9 degrees since 1880. The polar ice sheets are losing 428 gigatons per year. (Source: NASA)

We have already hit a tipping point of climate change related to global warming. NASA says that responding to climate change will involve two key strategies:

  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: This involves reducing the flow of greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, and
  • Adaptation: Adapting to the climate change that’s already in motion.

RouteSavvy Route Optimization Software helps with strategy number 1, i.e. it helps reduce how much greenhouse gases flow into the atmosphere.

What’s more, RouteSavvy is an AFFORDABLE climate change fighter. It costs just $300 per year for up to 3 users. In addition to helping small & mid-sized fleets burn less fuel & lower their greenhouse gas emissions, RouteSavvy typically saves at least 10X on the modest $300 per year investment.

Managers of small to mid-sized fleets seeking affordable solutions for how to reduce fleet emissions, and reduce their carbon footprint should deploy affordable route optimization software as their first step. It’s the most affordable & fastest way to immediately reduce fleet emissions. In the process, it both helps fight climate change and saves money during a time when many businesses are facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Want to take RouteSavvy for a test drive? Try our free, 14-day trial, or schedule a free, one-on-one demo of this powerful, affordable route optimization software.

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