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OnTerra Systems Announces RouteSavvy API PLUS

DENVER, Colo., Jan. 16, 2024 – OnTerra Systems (, the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software, today introduced RouteSavvy API PLUS. RouteSavvy API PLUS is an advanced new Application Programming Interface (API) based on the same powerful route optimization platform used for RouteSavvy route planning. RouteSavvy API PLUS is designed for software developers who want to add route optimization functionality into software applications they are developing with advanced functionality including Multi-vehicle Route Optimization and Time Windows. The starting cost for use of the RouteSavvy API is $100 per month, and it can process up to 1000 stops across up to 50 routes. For more information or to purchase, please visit:

In addition, for a limited time, all new RouteSavvy API PLUS subscriptions come with a free Bing Maps Enterprise APIs subscription. Bing Maps APIs are a powerful complement to RouteSavvy API PLUS, allowing customers to geocode addresses, display routes on a map, and provide richer visualization and user-interface tools within their application. (Customers will receive up to 10,000 billable transactions per year for free.)

OnTerra Systems has offered a route optimization API for software developers for more than 10 years, according to Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president. “With the recent enhancements, RouteSavvy API offerings now include the standard RouteSavvy API for single route optimization, and the new RouteSavvy API PLUS for those developers who need multi-vehicle optimization and time windows optimization built into the software applications that they are developing.

The new RouteSavvy API PLUS includes the following enhancements:
Automated Multi-Vehicle Optimization: This functionality allows for the automated optimization of multiple routes involving multiple vehicles in one, single API request.
Time Windows: This optimization functionality can be used to develop optimized routes with arrival times specified within a certain window of time (for example, arrival between 8 am – noon).

In addition to the enhanced features & functionality, the new RouteSavvy API PLUS is built to the latest standards for application program interfaces, including software development technology known as “RESTFUL API.” By building the RouteSavvy API to the latest software development standards, software developers who need to incorporate route optimization into applications they’re developing will find it faster and easier to do so.

“RouteSavvy API PLUS is one of the most powerful, low-cost application program interfaces for software developers needing to incorporate route optimization functionality into the products they’re developing,” noted Mr. Milroy. “This latest offering from the OnTerra Systems team, developers of RouteSavvy route planning software, provides software developers with the most powerful, affordable route optimization API offerings on the market today.”

About RouteSavvy APIs
USA-based OnTerra Systems has developed the RouteSavvy API and RouteSavvy API PLUS for developers who want to incorporate route optimization into software applications they’re developing; and RouteSavvy ( – route optimization software for end users (businesses & nonprofits) involved in deliveries, pickups, service calls & sales calls. RouteSavvy generates more efficient routes which results in fewer miles driven, and significant savings on fuel costs, fleet maintenance costs & labor costs. The starting annual price for the RouteSavvy API is $50 per month for the RouteSavvy API and $100 per month for RouteSavvy API PLUS.

Courtney DeWinter, DeWinter Marketing & PR Agency – Denver, Colo.

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