2021 business new years resolution

Your Best 2021 Business New Years Resolution: Deploy Delivery Route Planning Software

As business owners ponder their 2021 business new years resolution, the top resolution that will empower businesses & non-profits is to start delivering products and deploy a delivery route planning software tool like RouteSavvy.

No question, 2020 was a tough year for businesses and individuals alike. According to a Fortune  Magazine article, roughly 100,000 small businesses failed in 2020, and 60% failed due to the pandemic.

For those businesses still in operation, 2021 offers an opportunity to empower their growth, build business and revenue, and decrease their operational costs. RouteSavvy is the route planning tool that will help accomplish these goals. Let’s take a look at how RouteSavvy can empower businesses to grow and increase revenue and profitability in 2021.

The Pandemic Effects Will Be Here Through 2021 So Businesses Need to Adapt

It’s been exciting to see the Covid-19 vaccine arriving at locations all over the United States. But the reality is that business owners are still looking at a serious curtailment of “normal living” until the autumn of 2021.

Many epidemiologists have said that the general public will start being vaccinated in big numbers by May and June of 2021.

Then there’s a second injection for some of the vaccines 3 or 4 weeks after the first injection, followed by a time of building up resistance to Covid.

So, it’s realistic to say that your customers will still be wearing masks, social distancing, and minimizing their time out in the world until at least August of 2021.

So what’s a business or non-profit to do…with potentially 9 more months of lockdowns and/or curtailed activities for the general public?

The answers are: PIVOT and ADAPT.

RouteSavvy can help you do this.

A 2021 Business New Year Resolution Should Include A Revised Business Game Plan

It’s clear we’re not going back to normal for at least another 9 months, or longer. For businesses & non-profits to survive, it will require changes in operations, your product or service offerings, and new steps to get those product or service offerings into the hands of your customers.

Here’s a simple, 4-step process on how to do this:

Step 1: ADD new products or services that customers need or want right now

Assess your current product or service line, and change it up. Offer some new products or services that are needed or wanted, either as a necessity or a luxury.

Step 2: MARKET the new products & services in a steady & consistent fashion

Once you add new products or services, you’ll need to consistently market your offerings each day or each week so customer can see exciting new offerings, on an ongoing basis.

Step 3: DELIVER the new products & services to customer’s doorsteps

The new local home delivery economy is here to day. This requires a shift in the business model for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. But it’s do-able. Many companies are reporting that they have shifted to e-commerce, and they’re not just surviving. They’re thriving.

Step 4: OPTIMIZE the new delivery service

Local home delivery is a MUST for local businesses to survive and thrive. But when you add local home delivery, your operational costs will rise, especially if your delivery service is free. You’ll have a higher fuel bill, higher labor costs for drivers, and more.

When you add local home delivery, you must invest in route optimization software like RouteSavvy for two reasons:

  • You’ll save money. (Route optimization tools like RouteSavvy result in less miles driven, lower fuel costs, and lower labor costs for your drivers. RouteSavvy drops the cost of adding delivery services into your business model.)
  • You can INCREASE your business volume and revenue. (When you have more efficient routes for deliveries, you can deliver more products in the course of the day, which equates to more revenue.)

Did You Know:

One of RouteSavvy’s customers, Fit Fixins, a meal delivery company, was able to DOUBLE the number of orders it could deliver per day when they started using RouteSavvy. This has helped Fit Fixins grow and generate more revenue. Learn more!

When you think of what your 2021 business new year resolutions are going to be, the top priorities should be adding new products or services, efficiently delivering those products or services, and making sure the costs of delivery are minimized with route optimization software for maximum profitability.

In that way, RouteSavvy can help businesses not only recover from 2020 but increase their revenue and grow.

Want to take RouteSavvy for a test drive? Check out our Free Trial.

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